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Winning in Retirement

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Winning in Retirement

At Aware Investing, we offer solutions from a Christian perspective to these often-heard concerns from people who are around 10 to 20 years from retirement or are curently retired

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About Damon Lane

Damon Lane, ChFC, CLU, CKA, is the founder of Aware Investing, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory Firm located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Damon began his career in the financial services industry in 1983 and since has transformed hundreds of lives to financial freedom and security. He authored his first book for investors entitled Wealth with Safety, published in 1998, and his second book The Aware Investor in 2015. He believes “financial coaching” from a Christian perspective is the best method for helping clients achieve their goals.

A large part of Damon’s passion for the financial advice he provides comes from serving as past chairman of Pikes Peak TRIAD, which is part of a national organization of law enforcement, AARP, and other professionals working together, along with the Attorney General’s office, to help expose financial fraud and improper investments. Damon has a mission to help as many families as possible transform their financial lives forever through the 5 powerful principles of AWARE so they can “Win in Retirement”.
He is married to Michelle his wife of 39 years and they have 3 children: Dalton, Dillon and a daughter Jordan. He lives in Woodland Park, Colorado. You can contact him at

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Aware Investing a registered investment advisory firm in the sate of Colorado

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